Support small businesses

Small businesses have been the most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. While there has been funding earmarked to help these businesses, they aren't always getting them. Diane Murray-Clements looks to hold governmental officials accountable for distributing the funding to support the recovery of small owned businesses throughout the district. Specifically, Murray-Clements will work to create more funding opportunity for Minority and Women-Owned Businesses.

increase affordable and senior housing

While affordable housing is a popular and coined term, we often know that affordable housing is still out of reach of the working-class. Diane Murray-Clements wishes to alleviate this problem, by identifying tax incentives to help get working-class families and single-parent households into homes that they own. She also wants to work to create more senior housing facilities throughout the the towns of Hillside, Roselle, Union, and Elizabeth, so that seniors may have a safe place to live amongst their peers.

job training and apprenticeship

Diane Murray-Clements wants to increase opportunities for young adults in Legislative District 20. In addition to support increased funding for county colleges, Murray-Clements also wants to fund job apprenticeship programs. Not only would this give young adults the opportunity to gain hands-on training and experience, but it would also help to alleviate some burden from local small owned businesses.